To See or Not To See: Amos Lee

I was talking with a friend on Friday and I started to realize just how much music festival season is creeping up on us.  I have wanted to start digging into some of the artists that will be playing the festivals I am planning on attending and I plan on posting some reviews/information on the artists here so you can judge if you would like to see them or not as well.  Use this how you see fit to plan who you will want to see at the festivals or the next time they come through your town.

I will give a grade at the end of each post and I plan to use this grade, once all the schedules are announced, to break any ties on double-booked times.  I have not really decided on my grading scale yet.  (If you were a teacher, would you use 90-100 as an A or 93-100?)  If you have any artists that you would like to know more about, let me know and I will add them to the list I have started.  These entries will not be long because they should just give you the basics on the artist.  If you would like for me to let you know about some of their best songs, just ask and I can add that as well.

AMOS LEE: Folk Troubadour

Amos Lee is probably one of the better known of the artists that I plan on reviewing.  Everyone mostly knows him from his self-titled 2005 album with songs like “Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight”, “Arms of A Woman”, and “Colors”.  Lee has released three other albums: Supply and Demand (2006), Last Days At The Lodge (2008), and his new release Mission Bell (2011).  The best way that I can describe Amos Lee is that his music is good.  Nothing in it really jumps out as amazing, but at the same time nothing is awful.  His music is great for a sunny summer day lounging around at the park (which is where I listened and took notes) or driving around with the windows down.  Fittingly, the first single off Mission Bell is titled “Windows Are Rolled Down” and the title holds true.  If you like singers like Norah Jones (who invited him to open for her during her 2004 tour), you’ll like Amos Lee.

Grade: B- mainly because he’ll be playing 3 places that I will be at so he won’t be a must-see since I will have three chances.  Hangout would probably be the best setting for him (but wouldn’t it be for any artist).

Upcoming Shows in Nashville area or Festivals:

4/8/11 – Ryman Auditorium

5/1/11 – Beale Street Music Festival

5/22/11 – Hangout Music Festival

6/12/11 – Bonnaroo


3 thoughts on “To See or Not To See: Amos Lee

  1. Melissa

    Thanks for the info, Wade! Based on what you’ve said, I think I’ll have to check him out at least once this season. Maybe at Music Fest (depending on double-bookedness, of course), then I can determine how important he is to me for the remaining festivals.


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