To See or Not To See: Chiddy Bang

Chiddy Bang: Indie Hip(ster)-Hop

Not all rap music has to be about cars on 22s (or are they up to 24s now?), bitches, guns and made-up words.  Chiddy Bang, composed of two guys that met at Drexel University, reminds us that rap can be innovative and clever while being clean.  The duo released a mixtape titled The Swelly Express (2009) and is scheduled to release their follow-up album, Breakfast, this year.  (I would like to officially join the “swelly” bandwagon because everyone should be getting tired of “swag” by now.)  Chiddy Bang samples some of the best from the indie-rock world to get you moving and bouncing.  They sample MGMT’s “Kids” on their song “The Opposite of Adults” and Passion Pit’s “Better Things” on “Truth” and I dare you not to bounce your head or body … I double-dog dare you.  They even sample gods of the hipsters Radiohead (on “Because”, not a part of the mixtape).  Even though these samples might be what get you listening, you will want to stay for the lyrics.  And go ahead and leave your favorite lyric in the comments.

Grade: A (94)

Upcoming Nashville area shows and festivals:

6/17-19 – Bonnaroo Music Festival


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