Monthly Archives: July 2011

College Friend With Benefits

Ok, not in that way, but it has been a while since my golf clubs and I got it on!  We’ve “talked” a couple of times since high school and college when we were together a lot, but it had been almost two years since we really had any action.  Well, I decided to get in touch with my old friend.  I decided to be safe and make sure it was still clean and went out for a date yesterday.  Golf was something I did regularly freshman year and half of my sophomore year before deciding it was costing me too much to be a walk-on on a college team that wasn’t very good to begin with.  And by “costing too much” I mean that I couldn’t work, party, or frat it up as much.  ** I still wonder sometimes about what would have happened if I had gone to one of the schools that was going to give me a scholarship but not play on their tournament team until my junior year. **

Anyway, I decided to start slow with my old FWB and just catch up a little and get to know each other again.  Who knows, maybe this time it will be something that is a long-term relationship.  I took my clubs to the driving range right down the street (you know, do the whole “local” thing) and it was obvious we both have changed.  My first joke to lighten the mood (hitting a driver without warming up) didn’t fly so well (topped it into the ground).  We always had a complicated relationship (golf seemed to have daddy issues) but there was never any real drama with golf.

Everything came together after my nerves calmed down.  There were many times that we clicked, but there were also those times that my jokes didn’t go over as well as they did in my head.  I would even say that there is a shot for a second date after remembering some things about golf from our past relationship (like where my hands were allowed and to follow through on my promises/swing).  Who knows, maybe we will play a full 18 and start looking at rings.  Maybe I should hold off on that talk until I actually take the putter out of the bag … if ya know what I mean!